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Descent and Sleeper

Here are the icons I made for the 16th and 17th episodes of Season 7, Descent and Sleeper!

Screencaps from devotedtosmallville.com and keakack.com
Please, no hotlinking.  Credit, if used.  Thanks!


Misc. Season 7 Icons

Here are a few icons I created after posting origianl sets for the episode!

Take a look...

 Screencaps from Devotedtosmallville.com, keakack.com and Stride Gum Comic caps from Operationsaveclarkkent.com
Please, no hotlinking and credit, if used.  Thanks!
Here are the set of icons I made for Hero (which had the return of a character not seen since Season 3), Traveller (where we meet the daughter of Dr. Swann, Patricia) and Veritas!

screencaps from spsmallville.com (star points of smallville) and devotedtosmallville.com
1-25 Icons for Hero, 26-54 Icons for Traveler and 54-86 Veritas
Please, credit if used.  Thanks!

Season 7 Icons for Fracture

Here are icons for the episode Fracture! Where we go inside the mind of Lex Luthor and meet his good side, Little Alexander Luthor!

Meet him

 Screencaps from smallvillededication.com and devotedtosmallville.com
Please, credit.  Thank you!

Shimmer Icons for SVChallenge

Here are my entries for SVChallenge's challenge for the episode Shimmer.

Screencaps from devotedtosmallville.com and smallvillededication.com.
Please, credit.  Thanks!

Season 7 Icons Gemini and Siren

Here are icons for the episode Gemini and Siren.

 Caps from smallvillededication.com and devotedtosmallville.com
1-25 Gemini
26-56 Siren

Season 7 Icons for Lara, Wrath and Blue

Happy New Year!

Here are icons for episodes Lara, Wrath and Blue.

I'm sorry it's been some time from my last update, but I always seem to have problems posting these!

Images from Home of KEakaCK, svfan.com and smallvillededication.com 

Season 7 Icons- Cure and Action

Hi! Here are icons I made for episodes Cure and Action!

Cure is my favorite episode so far this year and Action saw the return of the MB, Lionel Luthor!

Hope you enjoy!

screen-caps from svfan.com and smallvillededication.com
Icons 1-17 are from Cure
Icons 18-30 are from Action

Hi! Here are icons for the first 3 episodes for Season 7 of Smallville!

The icons are for episodes: Bizarro, Kara and Fierce.   I also wanted to thank letia84 for giving me the heads up about all of my posted icons showing!:)